Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!!

"Happy Halloween-Trick or Treat- Smell my feet, or give me something good to eat!" Ha Ha Ha- I have not said this in years---It still cracks me up when I say it or if I hear someone else say it. Today is one of my favorite times of the year. I personally think it should be a National Holiday - a true paid off day from work. I have always loved this day and I have instilled the joy of it into my kids. We always dressed up and paraded around. The kids are pretty creative with their costumes. Here in Silver Creek at the School- the Seniors would have a big day of it and go all out. Then they would make their way to the Elementary area and parade in front of the little ones---oh the faces of the little ones are priceless. Here at my home, my husband and I really got into it also with the kids. We always wore a custom when we took them out around the village. There were many times that my friend Margaret and her kids would come over all dressed up and we would go as a big group. Later we would return to my house to check the candy, have coffee and hot cocoa. Good memories, Good times. Now, my kids are all grown up, along with Margaret's. Halloween is different. The first couple of years, I would sort of adopt one of my younger friends kids and trail along with them when they went out and about. Lately---I have celebrated it differently. I have some fur babies here at home. One in particular indulges me and lets me dress her up. Yes--I have become that person who puts clothes on her puppy. I do it for a couple of reasons-mainly it is because she is tiny and thin and the weather here can be just too cold for her. She is a Yorkie. My other dog is not ever in the mood to allow me to put anything on him. So----My Gia (the Yorkie), has to deal with all of my goofiness. After play dressing her and parading her around- I do plan on sewing for myself in my studio. I want to work some more on the quilt tops I was working on at retreat. The day is sunny, the leaves are colorful and all over the grass, the air is crisp and all of Mother Nature is calling to me to come out for a walk. I hope everyone truly enjoys the day, laughs, and is able to share it with friends and family. Enjoy!!!!!
Gia as BeeleJuice

Gia as my little Witch

This panel was recently given to me from one of my Guild Sisters- had to make it and display