Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Sister's Choice

What a beautiful day it is today!! Again- I am in awe of the beauty I see in my back yard with all the fall leaves on the grass. I just love the fall colors. I am also so impressed on how nice and warm it is outside. Love it. Well, I have been working hard on some of my projects that are just gimping along. The old saying: works in progress. Well, I have a bunch of work in progress going on in my studio.  I had planed on working on some of them at my Quilt retreat, but I was hung up on working mostly on one of them. I will show pictures of that at a later date. This one: Sister's Choice is a Bonnie Hunter pattern. I took a class from her well over a year ago. I have slowly been plugging away at this quilt.I brought the tote that has all of the fabric and directions in it to retreat, but realized I did not bring all of the fabric that I needed. I had to put to lid back on and say to myself, not meant to be, I will have to wait and do this at home. I find that there are many steps to making one 10 inch block. For me, the progress is slow. That is OK. I am using all of my scraps and it is so much fun playing with all of my fabric. I keep trying to in vision what it will look like on my bed when it is completed. Anticipation is killing me. I am attracted to this pattern because it has such a homey, comforting, loving feel to it. I was so thrilled to take the class with Bonnie. She is one of my favorite teachers. Just love her. She really is as nice in person as she is on the videos I watch of her. I would so much like to take another class from her. Until then, I will keep plugging away at my quilt top. The good news is that I am close to being half way there!!! How is that for positive thinking?!! . I plan on running a few errands today- and then hide myself in my studio and sew until my eyes cross.
Bonnie Hunter and Me

Bonnies Sister Choice she brought to display

A few of my blocks. Just love how they are turning out