Monday, November 28, 2016

Country road take me home....

Well--we did it. My family and I flew to California for Thanksgiving, and we made it back safe. We wanted to go and see our daughter and my son who are there. It has been over a year and a half since I have seen Doug, and it has been since this August that I haven't seen my daughter. Hate it, hate that I don't get to see my kids often. Hate that I have to fly out and take a vacation to see them. But.... feel very blessed that I am able to do this. We flew into California on Tuesday and stayed at a hotel in Burbank. Burbank was a great place to stay. Very interesting there. The weather was very nice-perfect for us. Not to hot and not to cool. Total flip flop weather for me. We were able to walk around and take in the sites. We ate at a few local places. One of the restaurants we ate breakfast in was all decked out in the 50's- so cool. There was a small juke box at every table. You could play 3 songs for 25 cents. My kids thought that was the neatest thing---of course we played song after song. One of the things we decided to do was actually on my Husbands birthday---it was the day after Thanksgiving. We went on a tour at Warner Bros Studio in Hollywood. That was so way cool! We saw props from shows like Superman, Batman, Big Bang Theory, Friends,Harry Potter, Gilmore Girls. Pretty little liars, Clint Eastwood and John Wayne movies and more. We love this kind of stuff! It was neat to go into the studios were they film current live shows. It is amazing to see how little the areas are that they film in--not really how it looks on TV. The men in our group went crazy over all of the Batman mobiles and motorcycles---yep, they were all there and all running! My daughter was thrilled with the Gilmore Girls homes and scenes--and yes----Friends. Me---loved the Friends scenes and props--but I really loved the stuff for Harry Potter.
Marissa and I sitting on the couch from "Friends" TV show

We were just goofing off here and staging a laugh scene

Marissa behind the counter at the "Central Perks" scene for Friends TV show.

Thanksgiving day was spent at a friends home in Calabasas. Cheryl--great host, beautiful home, wonderful dinner. Her mother and brother joined us. It was a very nice day. How many people will open up their doors on a holiday and invite a group of people in-some that they are meeting for the first time and host a holiday meal??? Not many that is for sure--but this lovely lady did. Thank You Cheryl!! If you haven't guessed yet---that is who I made the blue and grey fabric coil basket for. She liked it and it matched her living room.
Getting ready to film me on a broom from Harry Potter movie

It is pretty neat to walk around an area that is not your home and see how they prepare for the Holiday season. So weird though to see Christmas lights, trees and wreaths out and about right next to palm trees. Had to take this picture of this Christmas tree. It was huge and you could walk right through it to get to the other shops. At night, this tree was all lite up and pretty.
had to show this- a Christmas tree in California that you can walk through. That is Joe Man standing there.
The days went by quickly. Before we knew it, we were flying back home. We flew out of Canada, so coming back was the same. It felt so long of a flight and then the 2 hour drive home felt endless. Back to the cold, back to our fur babies. Our home was waiting safe and sound for us---all thanks to my friend Colleen. She took care of our home and fur babies. She is a true gem. Thank you Colleen!! It was really good to see the kids and spend time with them. In a blink of an eye our trip was over and time to say goodbye again. I really hate saying goodbye. Hello is so much better. It is always nice to be back home though, no place like home. I missed my fur babies and of course...... being the quilter that I am...... I missed all of my machines and fabric. I do have a story that I will share with everyone later about fabric and California. For now,,I am sitting here in my home enjoying a nice cup of coffee and thinking about our next visit with our kids.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Another Fabric Coil Bowl

I have another Fabric Coil Bowl to show. It is a gift for someone else, I highly doubt they will see this blog or my face book page-so I think it is very safe for me to show you all. I have to say---I really do love this bowl. I made it into an oval shape. I used yellow/gold, blue and grey colored fabrics on it. I was told by an inside source that this recipient has those colors in her home. I have not made an oval shape bowl in like forever--so it was sort of a treat for me to do this. I know that I have mentioned this the other day, but I have to say it again. Making these bowls are not tedious in anyway for me. It is very calming and relaxing. Once I decide on the colors and the shape that I want, I just sit and sew zig zags in circles. What is not to love about that. I play my favorite music, drink my coffee, get lost in my little world in my mind---and then like magic the bowl is done!!!!! Easy peasy! I have altered the pattern in the past. I have made lids for them, I have added accessories, I have made hot mats and mug rugs out of them. They are so useful.
Here it is! TA DA! It sorta reminds me of denim but, I did not use jean material. 

The inside is nice and bright- this way , you can see to the bottom no matter what you use it for or the lighting in the room

Well, this will be the last post for a couple of days. I am going to focus on the family and the Thanksgiving Day Holiday.As you all are probably feeling--there is much to do and the days go by fast. Of course, my mind will be going a mile a minute thinking of all my WIP, and other projects I can not wait to do and share. I hope everyone has a safe and loving Holiday. Enjoy your families!
Just a side view. I love the design on it. I don't like to make the same design over and over.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Fabric Coil Bowls

I just had to show a couple of pictures of one of my latest fabric coil bowls. I love these bowls. They are easy to make, fun to make and very versatile. These bowls allow you to exercise your creative flow. You can choose what ever color, design, or shape you desire. I have made them custom to sell, and I have made them as gifts for people. There are a few around my home being used in various ways. One of my favorite ones, is a little scrappy bowl that sits right next to my sewing machine. I love it! It is so cute and so tiny. I use it to hold little items such as: seam ripper, stiletto, bobbins, etc.... I have brought this little bowl with me to sew dates and retreats. It is a helper tool for me. The other fabric bowls around my home are used as decorations, to hold rolls for dinner, to hold extra decorations for holidays, bathroom supplies, makeup...... As you can see, I use these bowls for many things. This particular bowl is a gift for my son and daughter in law. They own a spa in California. It is a gift for them. Their spa is purple, silver and white. So- I made this bowl to order. I am not sure where or how they will use it. I have not seen their spa yet----. When I gift them the bowl, I hope to get a good feel of their color scheme and decor then. I may be making a wall quilt or two for them (hint-hint).
This is one of the latest bowls I have recently made. The colors are a deep purple, whit and grey.

I have a tab here on my site that has some of the various bowls that I have made. I really do enjoy making them. My guild had me teach a class last year. All of the ladies did so well- all of their bowls were different colors and unique. Also, just recently, at my retreat there were a small group of women that wanted me to show them how to make them. The supplies that I use are few and simple. I use all cotton clothes line, fabric glue,basting glue, wonder clip, denim needle, large pins, fabric of choice, a sewing machine that does a zig zag stitch, thread of choice and away I go. I pre cut my fabric into 3/4 inch wide strips. I think that width works the best. I use" ROXANNE" baste it glue, and" Aleene's  Fabric Fusion". With all of the trials and errors- I have settled with these products. It can take a good couple of hours to make a bowl. Some people have told me that they find it tedious. I do not. To me, it is is mindless sewing. I can just sit and sew, listen to the sound of my machine, be lost in my thoughts. Before you know it- you have a beautiful bowl at your disposal.
I love the way this bowl came together

The inside: nice and round and deep enough to use for many things.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Debbie has big ones..........!

Ha-  I just had to laugh at myself when I came up with this post title. Just a little bit of nutty humor to start the day. No this is not a trashy post---yes, it has to do with quilting. My friend, "Quilter Debbie" is the person on spot today. She is a marvelous quilter--she can look at a picture of a quilt and come up with a pattern with a snap of a finger. She is very talented and may I mention---has nutty humor also. Well- She recently made this quilt top at our retreat in October. It is of her own design. It is a gift---so no names mentioned on who it is for. She asked me to quilt it with an all over meander stitch. The interesting thing about her request is that she did not want to have any batting in it. I was like: Hhhmmmmm- OK, let's give it a try. I have never tried this before. She wants it to be as a cover  on the bed for the warm months. We picked out "light olive" thread from Glide. I loaded it up on my Long arm frame. I had to smile and stand back and look at it. This is the first huge quilt that I have put on my newly extended frame. I would not have been able to quilt this if it were not for my new extension. I am so thankful that I was blessed with this purchase. When I had it all loaded and ready to quilt---I just stood there looking at it and smiling. That is when this title came into my head: Debbie has big ones......., hahahaha- so true. To know Debbie is to know this statement. She makes huge quilts!!! They are beautiful, but they are huge. Truth be known, her and her quilts were taken into consideration when I was thinking of getting the extension. Well, I am glad I did buy it, because it was useful with this quilt.

Debbie being silly at a past Quilt retreat at Halloween time. Love it!

Her big beautiful quilt. See how it stretches from one end of the frame to the other!

This quilt took me a couple of hours to do from start to finish. It was fun and it went by quick.  I used 5 bobbins on it. I am pleased with the out come of it. It does make me think of making some light weight quilts for my family for the warmer months. Not only does Debbie have big ones--- she had get ideas! Thanks Quilter Debbie!
Just a close up of the stitching on the back. I am so amazed how nice it looks without any batting in between.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Quilter's Creative Touch-Quilt motion

Is it Friday yet??? This feels like such a crazy week. I feel like I have had a full 5 days worth already. I think it is a great indication that I need to slow down and relax- sort of enjoy the process. I woke up with a feeling of great relief and that a weight has been taken off of my shoulders. I had not realized how much I have been worrying about the robotics for the longarm. By nature---computers and electronic devices and me do not get along. I have shaped a few strong cords in my relations with them recently--but it is an adventure to say the least. Yesterday, I was thinking that I would work on some of my WIP -you know, that stack of stuff in your sewing room that gets taller by the day,,,,,, at least mine is. I have been wanting to attach the robotics since I brought it home last Friday.  It is from the Grace Company and they are out in Utah. I am very pro America and I wish that much more "things" were made from beginning to end here in the USA. With that being said----I have had a few hiccups along the way of putting together and attaching my much desired robotics. After a series of phone calls back and forth from the company and addendum's of the instructions sent to me via email---I decided to sit down, spread out all the parts and pieces and get to putting this on. My husband is traveling for business right now-but with me being a stubborn Sicilian, I thought to myself "Oh I can do this by myself", ha--- how silly is that! I sat there for hours trying to figure everything out. Oh how I wished the directions and diagrams were accurate and easy to see. Parts were missing and  there were unidentified screws and bolts.  I was rescued at dinner time by a dear friend (Colleen) to come have dinner at her home. What a blessing and a relief to get away from what was happening in my studio. I wanted to stay and visit much longer but I was blessed with another friend (Bonnie) who was sending her husband over to help me with the robotics. I can not thank my friends enough!!! I am truly blessed. Well- Rob came over and he quickly jumped to the task of helping. Between the two of us---we finished a couple of hours later. He even helped me load it back up on the frame and return the poles in place.What a guy!!!!!! I sent my husband a text and told him of my happy success and then went directly to bed........ sleep came fast.  When I woke this morning I was anxious to get into the studio and fire this baby up and see that it was working----- and it did!!! I want to play with it today and see what I can learn. I am sure I have some fabric and batting laying around that I can load up and try. With fingers crossed--wish me luck---- I am jumping in feet first!!!!!
The view of the new tablet mounted on the head of the machine. This is the opening window of it.

A slightly larger view. I was hoping to be able to show the tracks on the table top that will control the movement but it all blends in together.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sewing Fun at Creekside Quilting in Arcade

I have to admit---it has taken me some time to post these pictures. I was hoping to have been able to work on my table topper (from the newest Kim Diehl book ), finish it and then display it in all of it's glory. The truth of the matter is that I have been so busy, that this project has been on hold. As I was going through all of my pictures, I came across these and said---oh heck, let me post these now and then when I do work on my project- I will post those.  I know, I know-- the ole" WIP" line. I am guilty as charged.  I do plan on working on it some more- Scouts honor, I promise. Any way, I do want to say that this was a very fun day. I rode up with my friend Sandy. What a girl-she is so much fun, easy to talk to and we have so much in common. The drive to Creekside went by quickly. It was so cold and windy that day. There is a window near us in the shop and I kept looking up and watching the bushes swing back and forth. So glad we were indoors enjoying ourselves. There were only 3 of us students for the class, so we were able to spread out---I do love having elbow room. This is the first class that I took that Rochelle did since she joined Creekside. I am so glad she did. Doesn't she look happy in the picture?! I am sure I could have done this pattern on my own--but having Rochelle there with her humor and guidance--everything went by so much more smoothly and fun. Everyone one of us girls reached the same point by the end of the class--we each completed one tree---wow, that was a lot of piecing! Small piecing to be exact. I can't wait to see it completed.  Did you notice something in the pictures??...... Sandy and I brought out our vintage machines. I love it! Nothing like sewing with these sweet machines. She brought her Singer 221 with a really neat seam guide that matches her machine. I brought my green Singer 185J. I named this machine-- Joey ( G.I. Joe ), I bought this machine around the time my youngest started college. The color green reminds me of those toy army men that my Joey played with. So, in honor and thoughts of him--- It is so rightly named. I love to sew on it. Perfect size to bring to sewing dates with friends and classes. I have to admit though- looking across at Sandy sewing with her FW--- it made me think of mine. I need to get her out and play with her for a day.
Here is our Teacher for the class-Rochelle!Look at her smiling face-she is the Best! Look at the concentration going on with Sandy!

Just love this window with the pretty flowers. Look at the sewing space we had for our class

Sandy and I brought out our vintage babes to play with
Time for confession......... after class, Sandy and I did some shopping. Surprise- Surprise! In the book that this table topper directions are in- are a few other really cute patterns. We told Rochelle we wanted to make them. She is currently putting together a class for us on a snow man pillow. Well..... we had to get the supplies for that didn't we..???? Hahahaha.... Good excuse. I am looking forward to making that project. I love making pillows. Will show pictures of that when the class comes. For now, I need to start my day and work some more on those WIP's!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Good Morning America!!!!!

Good morning America-----now that is a statement that is totally embedded into my head from Robin Williams. With the recent Presidential Elections and now our Veterans Holiday-my head is swimming with many thoughts: America, Patriotism,Voting, Veterans, families and friends, Women's rights. These are all big and important issues not only to me but many other people in the United States. It makes me go through memories in my mind of my parents years past, as they lived through the voting, country changes, wars, changes in family and friends. They, at times, were quiet about their thoughts and other times----they were very loud about it and you couldn't get out of the room fast enough! I have always been proud of my parents and of course my brothers while growing up---- but, I have to admit- the older I get the wiser I do become-I am absolutely PROUD of my family. I come from a line of very Patriotic people and totally pro USA. Most men in my family have served our country and served it well. The woman in my family are strong and confident and supported our country and troops in any way they could. I have a few pictures of my mother as a child celebrating Flag Day---she still loved that day until she passed. So........ with all that has been happening in our country lately and now the Veterans Holiday---I have been very..hmmm how do you say..."inward". I have always been one who is sensitive to not only my thoughts and emotions but to others around me. I pick up on the emotions that swirl around me very easily. Can you imagine what I have been feeling this past week.....? A lot!I love my Country, I am so blessed to be a citizen and to raise my children in this country. I am very happy that my daughter can be a strong confident free woman and be who she wants without all of that crazy restrictions that other countries impose upon women. In many countries, women can not vote, hold certain jobs, get an education, dress how they want, travel where they want, marry who they want, express their spiritual sides as they want.....the list goes on. As a woman in the USA--I am free, my mother was free and my daughter is free. So--- to all the Veterans out there, in my family and outside my family- I say a huge THANK YOU!!!! I feel your sacrifice, I see your pain and trauma, I know of your loneliness, all the sacrifices your families have to make....It does not go unnoticed. Because of you all- We are free as a Nation. So, With that all in mind- I do wake up proud and free and say to you all: Good Morning America!
My friend Ricky and Me at our Retreat-sitting at the bar in our PJ"s! Just what I wanted to do, and lift a toast up to my Mom

Ricky's husband served our country well, as did she in supporting him. Cheers to all of you. Because of you-we are free women to go to a Quilt Retreat and sit at a bar  with our PJ's on and  have fun and be silly. Thank you!!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Can you guess........?????

Ok---a bit of drama and suspense here- can not help myself. I am very happy with this latest purchase for my long arm. If you haven't guess by now-I will tell you. I was just blessed with the purchase of Quilters Creative Touch/ Quilt Motion! Yes--you read this correctly--- I am upgrading the longarm and adding to the service my business can offer to not only my customers but for my own personal quilts.This is very exciting. I will be able to download all sorts of patterns and designs. I will be able to continue my free motion quilting. I am looking forward to combining both types of quilting for the highest and best outcome. I feel like the possibilities are endless. I am slowing installing software on my lap top and on my new tablet I needed to buy for the program. I have to print off the manual and start looking into taking lessons from Babylock and of course---Creekside Quilting. There is much to learn, but I am ready to do it. I keep opening up the box and looking at all the pieces. I need to get my tool side out  and ready so I can attach all of this to the machine and the frame. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hopeful that this will go on easily and smoothly. The sooner I get this all attached, the sooner I can start playing around with it and learning. My plan is to buy some fabric and backing-throw it on the frame and start pushing buttons and experimenting. I am so amazed on how much Creator has blessed me with my Long Arm business. All within a month and a half, I have been able to purchase the extension table, the lights, and now the robotics. This is so wonderful and over whelming all at once. When I was first retired and thinking of  the things that I wanted to buy and upgrade with--I never imagined that I would receive these all within the first year. Wow oh wow--amazing! I mentioned this to a friend of mine and she said: " It is all coming together". And she is right. During the past couple of months, with the help of family and friends- I was able to make my brochure and new business cards and also--work long and hard to get my blog/website up and going. There has been much done and I know that it is not done yet---but that is OK. Bring it on---I am ready. Thank you Creator- I appreciate it all and I am so thankful.
My new upgrade/goodie for the LongArm. Quilters Creative Touch

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Naked Long Arm

Well Good morning! I woke up with the sun shining in my face and my puppy standing on my chest licking my face. Wonderful way to wake up don't you think? Ha- maybe I could have done with a few less licks and dog breath---but I love her anyway. It was her way of saying- come on Mama, time to get up and go look at your improved and extended longarm frame! Fine by me- I love my longarm!  I am so use to walking into the sewing studio and seeing a quilt on the frame and or just the leader cloths on it. Nope-not today. Last night I had Steve and Colleen over. They are awesome. They helped John and I put the 2 foot extension on the frame. The directions looked simple enough, and I was told when I bought it that it would be easy to do. Well.......over 3 hours later and 4 stressed out adults-mission accomplished. We had to take the sewing head and roller off the track. The bars came off next and then the bar side holders came off. We had to flip the whole frame upside down and start unscrewing everything. Much to my dismay--the earlier directions said to use a 5mm Allen key---it wasn't into much further did we see we also needed a 3 and a 4. What I had at the house did not fit, so Colleen drove home to search their tool box. Thank Creator she found one. Back to unscrewing we went. The men did most of the work, Colleen and I did help--but we were doing a lot of support and running for things. Ahhhh those beautiful new lights of mine--what a blessing they were even last night putting this together. Finally--all unscrewed and we started the fun part of putting the new parts in and then closing it all back up ( a very surgical nurse expression- sorry, couldn't help myself- haha). When it came time to flip it back upright and put the sewing head and roller back on the new track- I was amazed and excited. Wow---I know that it was only a 2 foot extension, but it looks so huge to me. Maybe it is also because I do not have the leader cloths on it. That will be my job today. I bought new ones---I needed too, the other ones are now to small. These new ones have that bright white lovely new look that will make me smile even more. Oh---I just can't wait to sew them up and put them on and then load up a quilt. I can now do quilt tops that are up to 120 inches wide! That is a whole lot of quilt. Sooooooo....... I think that today will be fun in the studio. With the new longer frame, I need to switch things around a bit so that I can fit around the frame and other stuff. All good, all wonderful, feeling blessed again.
My beautiful 12 foot long naked Longarm!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Fall leaves and Quilting with Gratitude.

 I don't know if it is just my way at looking at life or if other quilters share this view. For me, I think Fall is the number one season in my mind to quilt. It inspires me, the colors lift my emotions, the air is so crisp that it clears my mind, the temperature is cool enough where I am not dying from heat and humidity, need I say more. It truly is a wonderful season. I spent yesterday quilting my friends first of many quilts for her granddaughter. It was so nice to have the honor to quilt some one's first quilt! When she gave it to me to do- she said:" I trust you- do what ever you want". I was so touched by her statement. That is huge to me- to be trusted  by someone with their creation.To be chosen to work on their quilt over other Longarmers out there.
my main side of the driveway is totally covered in these beautiful leaves!

/the back of my house- I get to view this every time I open my door

the other side of my driveway under the canopy of these old majestic trees.
 To be believed in by a fellow quilter- that means so much to me. I have had this very statement said to me a couple of times. It is so humbling to hear it. It touches my heart and my soul. I really would not be here doing what I am doing if it were not for the love and support of my family, friends and customers. What a wonderful thing it is when you have people believing in you and trusting you. One of the greatest gifts you can give someone. Love, To me, this is a form of Love. I do not have pictures to show of her quilt. She is a private person with her creations right now. I will honor that. Today, I am in a very warm and fuzzy place in my heart and soul. I am filled with gratitude and peace. I am thankful for the day and all that has been placed into my lap and my family's lap- Thank you Creator. I plan on going outside and enjoying the beauty of it. I would like to participate in an Elenore Burns seminar on the net, and I would like to load up another quilt on the long arm. Sounds like a perfect plan, sounds like a perfect day. Enjoy yourself' today, and on the words of Jamie Wallen- Be good to one another!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Chocolate Covered Cherries

I could not wait to wake up and take pictures of my new eye candy. I could not wait to wake up and blog about this quilt top. I have been looking at Irish Chain quilts for some time now, to me-they are beautiful. But, I just never got around to it. I also in my head could not decide if I wanted a color theme or make it scrappy. I have seen one that was scrappy and that was so delicious looking. Well, for a couple of years now, while I am surfing the net, I have come across this pattern. I have seen it under different names-but the original name is Chocolate Covered Cherries by Jo's Country Junction. After eye balling this pattern for a couple of years, I finally said " Oh Nadine, just print the pattern for goodness sake!"So I did. That was a few months ago. I read the directions, figured out what I needed to make this. I needed a mix of brown fabrics, red fabrics and a cream for the background. With that in mind, I kept my eyes open for any opportunity to buy these colors. Even though I was sticking to 3 color schemes, I still felt that it was sorta scrappy because I wasn't just using just 3 different fabrics. Love to mix and match. My first place of purchase was at the Westfield Quilt show this summer. I was so delighted to see vendors there. One in particular had a lot of what I was looking for. Next, stop was quilt shops. I know the directions said to use yardage, but I am a huge lover of fat quarters. I bought a few of them and just made do. I knew that I would be going to my quilt retreat this October, I planned on putting it together there. I decided to pre cut all of the pieces(that took HOURS), label them and put them in a tote--I was so organized- I amazed myself. Well- the retreat was finally here. Away I went with my tote. Opened it up, read the directions some more and saw that- Oh my God, what did I get myself into. I hate cutting fabric, I hate chopping vegetables-to me it is all tedious. Silly me, this is not one of those patterns I can get away with just slapping it together. There not only was a great deal of pre-cutting before the retreat- I was in for a great deal more. I had to make 144 nine patch blocks, 144 square in a square blocks, etc... Before I could do this- I had to make strip set after strip set after strip set, then cut-cut-cut. That took me 3 days to do. I had visions of completing this at retreat-oh foolish me. I did not. I brought it home and decided I would finish it here instead of leaving it in the tote for next retreat. I worked on this Sunday night to last night. I can safely say that I burned the midnight oil.  I was so focused. I went to bed last night with peace in my heart- I had finished it!! I wanted to take it outside and take pictures of this Irish Chain variation quilt top of mine amongst all of the fallen colorful leaves. Ahhhhh Mother Nature, gotta love her. I woke up to rain. That is OK, I settled for just laying it out and clicking away with the camera. I love it!! I can't wait to put it on the Long Arm and quilt it. I am playing with all sorts of designs in my head. I am not sure who's bed this will end up on- possibly mine. I think I deserve a new quilt for my bed!
Here she is- my beautiful Chocolate Covered Cherries quilt top!! What girl doesn't deserve chocolate and cherries?!

I am looking at this over and over--playing out all kinds of quilt designs in my head. There are so many possibilities. I am thinking of thread choices. I may use 3 different colored threads on it. I would love to buy fabric that is a mix of browns and reds for the backing. That would be so lovely. I will have to keep my eyes open when I go to the quilt shops again. I think this is a good reason to go out fabric hunting.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Sister's Choice

What a beautiful day it is today!! Again- I am in awe of the beauty I see in my back yard with all the fall leaves on the grass. I just love the fall colors. I am also so impressed on how nice and warm it is outside. Love it. Well, I have been working hard on some of my projects that are just gimping along. The old saying: works in progress. Well, I have a bunch of work in progress going on in my studio.  I had planed on working on some of them at my Quilt retreat, but I was hung up on working mostly on one of them. I will show pictures of that at a later date. This one: Sister's Choice is a Bonnie Hunter pattern. I took a class from her well over a year ago. I have slowly been plugging away at this quilt.I brought the tote that has all of the fabric and directions in it to retreat, but realized I did not bring all of the fabric that I needed. I had to put to lid back on and say to myself, not meant to be, I will have to wait and do this at home. I find that there are many steps to making one 10 inch block. For me, the progress is slow. That is OK. I am using all of my scraps and it is so much fun playing with all of my fabric. I keep trying to in vision what it will look like on my bed when it is completed. Anticipation is killing me. I am attracted to this pattern because it has such a homey, comforting, loving feel to it. I was so thrilled to take the class with Bonnie. She is one of my favorite teachers. Just love her. She really is as nice in person as she is on the videos I watch of her. I would so much like to take another class from her. Until then, I will keep plugging away at my quilt top. The good news is that I am close to being half way there!!! How is that for positive thinking?!! . I plan on running a few errands today- and then hide myself in my studio and sew until my eyes cross.
Bonnie Hunter and Me

Bonnies Sister Choice she brought to display

A few of my blocks. Just love how they are turning out