Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Luminess Lights

Lights! I have lights!!! I am so happy and thrilled with my new lighting system. I have been struggling with poor lighting in my sewing studio for years. I have a huge studio with over 20 feet high ceilings. I have 4 large 8ft long sky lights in my room, but still the lighting is poor. I have used floor standing Ott lights, reading lamps, all kinds of things......but it never did the job that I needed. Well one day recently I walked into Creekside Quilt shop in Arcade. There before me-straddling a smaller version of my long arm was a vision of loveliness to me. It was a  free standing lighting system. I could not believe how much light was coming from it. I was in awe. I spoke with Sandy about it. I went home later and spoke with my husband about this. Two weeks later, I called them and told them to order me the 10 feet lights with the 2 foot extension. I have a 12 foot frame now.  I could not wait for it to come in. With it being fall, the days are getting shorter. I find that around 3:30, the natural lighting in the room is starting to decline. It makes it very difficult to continue to sew on the longarm. As luck would have it, I was taking a class at Creekside this past Saturday. What a lovely day we had. I was told before I arrived that my lights were in. Oh man-----I just could not wait to get them! I called my handy friend to see if she could help me set it up. It was not difficult and the directions were easy to follow. My husband came home in time to help us move it over the Longarm into position. Wow oh wow is all I can say- the moment I turned the light switch on, I knew my lighting issues were solved!!!! These lights are called "Luminess", a free standing light station made by the Grace Company. I would easily recommend them to anyone. It does come in varying sizes to accommodate everyone's needs. Well, I am off to go sew. I can guarantee you that I will be sewing all day and into the night! Oh happy happy me!
love my new lighting system!!!