Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Meet Matilda-my new addition.

I Just have to say---"Isn't she so cool!" This is Matilda. She was given to me recently as an early birthday gift. I was not expecting this. It made my day! I have a friend who is very crafty. I happened to be at a Baby Shower this past summer,and sat next to her. Of course we talked about everything and anything under the sun. With two people that craft talking- I am not sure if we stopped to breath in between sentences. We had a great time. During all of that talking, she showed my pictures of some cool designs she was making on wood pallets. Of course I loved them and of course I said: "Can you make a Witch?" She something to the fact- "Yes, I will". As time went on and life is crazy busy, I forgot about this whole conversation. Well-she did not. She was hard at work creating this beautiful and cool gift for me. I just happened to be out on my deck when she and her husband drove up in their really big black truck and said- "Oh good you are home, we have something for you". Well, like any girl, I was thrilled and curious to see what it was. Up went the lid covering the back of the truck and out she came. Man oh Man- it was love at first sight!!!! I can not thank my friend enough for Matilda. She is wonderful and I appreciate the gift immensely. I had my husband move her to the end of our driveway so that everyone can see her and appreciate her when they drive by. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You! If anyone is in the area-come by for a cup of coffee and say hello to Matilda.
Meet Matilda