Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Autumn- My time of the year!

What a beautiful day!! I absolutely love days like this- warm, sunny and not humid. If I had my way I would have Mother Nature provide us with days like this all the time. As I walked outside- the air was so fresh and crisp. The trees are starting to change colors. I live near a cemetery and it has many different and old trees. I love to take walks and look at these trees. There is one in particular that turns into a wonderful bright yellow shade-it looks like a star burst. Gorgeous!! I am wondering how many more days like this we will have- with Hurricane Matthew showing his ugly face- I have my concerns. All in all it was a very productive day. I had a lot of time spent in my sewing studio. I am working on a customer quilt right now that has many different techniques in it. She has embroidery, applique, 3 dimensional accessories, peek a boo blocks, lace, buttons and ribbons decorating it. It is very beautiful! She told me that this quilt top has been finished for several years and just stuffed into a closet. Wow----that is a long time. I am thrilled that she brought it out and gave it to me to quilt. I am enjoying sewing on it. I am doing a lot of stitch in the ditch first-just to get the bone work done. Then the real fun will start. I have so many ideas for it--I keep writing them down. It will be interesting on which ones I choose to use, I have my new brochure for Black Hat Quilter printed and back from the printer. They came out perfect! I can hardly wait to start passing them out. With so much work done on business "stuff", I figured I deserved a break. Nothing like a nice flavored hot cup of tea on a cool night. I think I will go and have some me time in the studio and play with a few of my projects. I want to get them done especially since they are seasonal items. I so love this season for decorations. I love the colors also. I have a whole room dedicated to Witches and Witch like items. I figured- I like it , it is my home- I get to decorate the way that I want. I love that room. Good thing my family is very excepting of this addiction of mine. As for these pictures- I had to show them. They were so much fun to make. They are some of my favorite decorations.