Hello fellow Quilters and Sewers! I am so thrilled and excited to launch my Web site and I am hoping that you enjoy it- please come back often so we can become quilting friends. Here is a little bit about me: I have a wonderful Husband and 5 great kids. Oh, and let's not forget about my fur babies- I have 2 puppies and 1 kitty who are always trying to occupy my time. I live in a small country village in upper Western New York State. We can boast that we are a tight knit community that has one traffic light and surrounded by 3 creeks. I am a newly retired Registered Nurse of 30 years of experience. With that being said- I am now pursuing my creative passion!! It is also my full time business. I am so happy and thrilled to have the support and love from family and friends to do this.
  I have been fortunate to meet some of my idols and hear them lecture and to take their classes and study under them. I have met Jamie Wallen- what a fantastic person and Longarmer. Meeting Jenny Doan on a couple of occasions was a pure highlight. Sue Patten is filled with so much life and energy. Bonnie Hunter is so friendly- her scrap quilts are delicious. Mark Lapinski-what can I say-he is so funny, witty and entertaining. Dusty Farrell is very creative and imaginative. Mary Fons is adorable, witty, and reminds me of my daughter. Jodi Burrows is so interesting and enjoyable to listen to. I am so looking forward to meeting more people, working with them and learning.
  I have been quilting/sewing for 10 years. I am a self-taught Quilter and Longarmer. I love my longarm!! I enjoy the whole process. I love playing with threads, doodling on paper and fabric and trying out different designs. I am so honored with every person who asks me to make a custom quilt and to quilt their treasured quilt tops. My customers are the best!!!!!
  I also really love all things vintage-especially all of my vintage sewing machines and notions. I have been collecting them for the past 5 years or so. I not only collect them-but I use them frequently. I especially enjoy sewing on my treadles-those iron beauties steal my heart. I have a total of 15 different machines.There is not a day that goes by that I am not thinking of them and wanting to go play in my studio. I am always in a happy zone when I am in my studio.