Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Retirement and Flexibility

Today is a day that is not truly my own. Yes I am retired, and yes with the blessings of Creator-my life is more flexible because of it. There where many years of my life that I was just so busy. Busy with raising the kids, busy with my full time Nursing job, busy cleaning the house from all the kids, etc...... My life is different now. I have time-valuable time. My kids are all grown, only 2 are currently in college. I miss them a great deal.....  but it is all OK. As I think back to my Mom talking to me about raising kids, she would say:" You raise your kids to leave the house". With those words, I did. Today though---my day will be filled with kids. I help out at Forestville School as a School Nurse when needed. I love it. I love the kids. The staff are so nice to me. Also---it is only a 8 minute drive from my house.Working as a School Nurse allows me to still practise my Nursing license and get out amongst the people. It is all good. Well---today is a  day for Forestville. I was asked to be on standby for the Elementary Nurse. She is in need of Vet care for her show horse. How could I refuse???? I can't----so, I am being flexible today. I am letting the cards fall where they may. I plan on working on the Internet for my business and on the customer quilt on the frame. I am dressed and packed. I am ready to get the call. Looking down at my fur babies, I gave thanks that they are healthy and vet free. It is a beautiful fall day- I had to put this cute sweater on my Yorkie Gia. I hope to enjoy it while I can. Love these beautiful fall days!