Thursday, October 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Michael and The Tap!

I can't believe it! My second oldest is 27 years old today. Time goes by so fast. I feel like my Mother saying those words. It is so true though. My son Michael is the second born of 5 children. Like all of my other children- I love him to bunches. My kids always tease me and say that Michael is the golden child but that is so not true. I love all my children and want to be with them always. How can anyone have a favorite of their children? I want to wish my son a very happy, healthy and prosperous Birthday. He called us with some really great news yesterday. I had to smile when he called because he has said a few times that the month of October has always been good to him. Well----you may not know this one fact about him----he is an aspiring actor living in NYC. He just received a call from his Manager.......he was just picked to Co-Star in the show "The Tap". He starts filming on the 19th of this month. The month of his birthday, the month that is always good to him!!! We are so excited and thrilled for him. My son works very hard to get to auditions and do his best. He works at a bar and a restaurant to pay his day to day bills. With fingers crossed and prayers being lifted-I pray for the highest and the best outcome with this show. Michael-I love you, I want the best for you, and I wish you much success. Happy Birthday Michael!!!xoxoxoxoxo Mom
Michael and Me at his College Graduation

Michael in the morning before coffee

Michael and Doug together in California for film festival

Dad and Michael at College Graduation