Friday, October 7, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

Today I woke up with a terrible headache and blurry eyes. I know what it is from. It is because of Hurricane Matthew. No- I have not been hit by it. My home is safe. I live in upper Western New York State. We are all good and the weather is beautiful. But my children are all scattered around the USA. My headache and blurry eyes is from extreme worry and lack of sleep. I am very concerned about this hurricane and all the destruction it has caused and will continue to cause. I feel for all the people hit by it already- how it has changed their lives forever. I feel for the people now who have to evacuate. I have a major concern and extreme worry for my son Matthew and his girlfriend. They live in Orlando Florida and work for Disney. As everyone knows-Disney is currently shut down due to the hurricane. My son and his girlfriend still had to report to work. They could not evacuate. So, they did the best they could do and bunkered down when they got home. I talked with him at length last night going over things they should do to prepare and weather out the storm. Things like- have ready to eat food, fresh water, candles/flashlights, and of course, make sure you charge all of your electronics so that we can keep open the lines of communication. As a mom, that is so important to me. I need to keep in touch with my kids. I need to hear their voices and know that they are alive and well. Once a mom, always a mom. It never ends. So, that is why I have a headache and blurry eyes. I did not sleep. I tossed and turned all night. I kept praying for them. When the sun came up, I got out of bed and paced through the house. I tried to call my son, but all it did was ring, and ring and ring.  I had many cups of coffee. I searched the web for updates on the hurricane. I sent text messages. Then finally, he picked up the phone. I was immediately filled with relief to hear him. Thank you creator. They weathered the storm throughout the night. They heard the wind and were drenched with rain. They have running water and electricity. They are fine. I love all my kids to the moon and back. I can not even imagine life without any of them-nor do I want to. I guess that is the love of a mother for her children-it is endless. So, with the knowledge that they are safe for now. I will continue to send loving thoughts and prayers their way. Sometime today, I hope to lay down and catch a nap to get rid of this headache. To all who are dealing with this hurricane- stay safe. To my children- I love you all.
Matthew being his lovable and goofy self