Thursday, October 6, 2016

Longarm shopping at Creekside Quilting- new goodies

I did not think that this day would get here. But--It did! I have been in contact with Creekside Quilting in Arcade NY for a couple of months in regards to my longarm. In case you did not know this- I love this Quilt shop. They are so friendly and so helpful, no matter if I come in or call them on the phone. Rain or shine---they are wonderful to deal with. Well.....I have had my longarm for sometime now. When I bought it, it came delivered with a 10 foot frame. Most people would say-"Wow! That is so big!"  To be truthful, it is. What I have realized is that many quilters are making really BIG quilts. This I have come to find out soon after I bought my lovely Crown Jewell. With that being said- I have been thinking long and hard about getting an extension for my frame and make it 12 feet long. I think that would help out a great deal, because then I will be able to do a quilt top that is up to 120 inches wide. That would meet the needs of many customers. I was excited the day I called the shop and said to Cheryl---"This is the day- please order my extension and new leader cloths!" Friendly as always----she responded "Sure!" As the days went by waiting to hear if it arrived yet--I thought about it often. I thought about attaching it and loading up a big quilt with ease. The best way to wait for something is to keep busy-so I did. Then-I come home the other day to a message on my phone: " Nadine, this is Creekside, It's here!" Oh joy- oh joy. I could not wait to jump in the car and drive up. I grabbed a friend of mine who is a fellow quilter and away we went. The day was warm and sunny. But with me being inpatient, the universe was having fun with me. We were stuck behind s-l-o-w drivers, large semi's going up hill, and of course, I can't get this vision out of my head...... a truck filled with Port a Potties. Finally the hour drive ended and we reached our destination. With a hop in my step I entered the building and was instantly at ease. There in front of me were my packages. At that time, Sandy (the owner) and Cheryl (trusty longarm advisor) came around the corner and greeted me. Oh so nice of them. I couldn't wait to load it up in the car-but-of course, to me I feel like I am in a candy store. I did what any other all American quilter would do- I shopped. Love it! The whole way home I was on cloud nine. As it is- I currently have a customer quilt on the frame, so attaching the extension will have to wait until I am finished.Thank you Creekside for all of your help-you have made me a happy woman. Now, I need to get busy on that quilt top.
The sign that always catches my eye

Ahhhh- Creekside Quilting- I have arrived!

There you are my pretty- I have been waiting for you to come.