Sunday, November 20, 2016

Debbie has big ones..........!

Ha-  I just had to laugh at myself when I came up with this post title. Just a little bit of nutty humor to start the day. No this is not a trashy post---yes, it has to do with quilting. My friend, "Quilter Debbie" is the person on spot today. She is a marvelous quilter--she can look at a picture of a quilt and come up with a pattern with a snap of a finger. She is very talented and may I mention---has nutty humor also. Well- She recently made this quilt top at our retreat in October. It is of her own design. It is a gift---so no names mentioned on who it is for. She asked me to quilt it with an all over meander stitch. The interesting thing about her request is that she did not want to have any batting in it. I was like: Hhhmmmmm- OK, let's give it a try. I have never tried this before. She wants it to be as a cover  on the bed for the warm months. We picked out "light olive" thread from Glide. I loaded it up on my Long arm frame. I had to smile and stand back and look at it. This is the first huge quilt that I have put on my newly extended frame. I would not have been able to quilt this if it were not for my new extension. I am so thankful that I was blessed with this purchase. When I had it all loaded and ready to quilt---I just stood there looking at it and smiling. That is when this title came into my head: Debbie has big ones......., hahahaha- so true. To know Debbie is to know this statement. She makes huge quilts!!! They are beautiful, but they are huge. Truth be known, her and her quilts were taken into consideration when I was thinking of getting the extension. Well, I am glad I did buy it, because it was useful with this quilt.

Debbie being silly at a past Quilt retreat at Halloween time. Love it!

Her big beautiful quilt. See how it stretches from one end of the frame to the other!

This quilt took me a couple of hours to do from start to finish. It was fun and it went by quick.  I used 5 bobbins on it. I am pleased with the out come of it. It does make me think of making some light weight quilts for my family for the warmer months. Not only does Debbie have big ones--- she had get ideas! Thanks Quilter Debbie!
Just a close up of the stitching on the back. I am so amazed how nice it looks without any batting in between.