Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Naked Long Arm

Well Good morning! I woke up with the sun shining in my face and my puppy standing on my chest licking my face. Wonderful way to wake up don't you think? Ha- maybe I could have done with a few less licks and dog breath---but I love her anyway. It was her way of saying- come on Mama, time to get up and go look at your improved and extended longarm frame! Fine by me- I love my longarm!  I am so use to walking into the sewing studio and seeing a quilt on the frame and or just the leader cloths on it. Nope-not today. Last night I had Steve and Colleen over. They are awesome. They helped John and I put the 2 foot extension on the frame. The directions looked simple enough, and I was told when I bought it that it would be easy to do. Well.......over 3 hours later and 4 stressed out adults-mission accomplished. We had to take the sewing head and roller off the track. The bars came off next and then the bar side holders came off. We had to flip the whole frame upside down and start unscrewing everything. Much to my dismay--the earlier directions said to use a 5mm Allen key---it wasn't into much further did we see we also needed a 3 and a 4. What I had at the house did not fit, so Colleen drove home to search their tool box. Thank Creator she found one. Back to unscrewing we went. The men did most of the work, Colleen and I did help--but we were doing a lot of support and running for things. Ahhhh those beautiful new lights of mine--what a blessing they were even last night putting this together. Finally--all unscrewed and we started the fun part of putting the new parts in and then closing it all back up ( a very surgical nurse expression- sorry, couldn't help myself- haha). When it came time to flip it back upright and put the sewing head and roller back on the new track- I was amazed and excited. Wow---I know that it was only a 2 foot extension, but it looks so huge to me. Maybe it is also because I do not have the leader cloths on it. That will be my job today. I bought new ones---I needed too, the other ones are now to small. These new ones have that bright white lovely new look that will make me smile even more. Oh---I just can't wait to sew them up and put them on and then load up a quilt. I can now do quilt tops that are up to 120 inches wide! That is a whole lot of quilt. Sooooooo....... I think that today will be fun in the studio. With the new longer frame, I need to switch things around a bit so that I can fit around the frame and other stuff. All good, all wonderful, feeling blessed again.
My beautiful 12 foot long naked Longarm!