Friday, November 4, 2016

Fall leaves and Quilting with Gratitude.

 I don't know if it is just my way at looking at life or if other quilters share this view. For me, I think Fall is the number one season in my mind to quilt. It inspires me, the colors lift my emotions, the air is so crisp that it clears my mind, the temperature is cool enough where I am not dying from heat and humidity, need I say more. It truly is a wonderful season. I spent yesterday quilting my friends first of many quilts for her granddaughter. It was so nice to have the honor to quilt some one's first quilt! When she gave it to me to do- she said:" I trust you- do what ever you want". I was so touched by her statement. That is huge to me- to be trusted  by someone with their creation.To be chosen to work on their quilt over other Longarmers out there.
my main side of the driveway is totally covered in these beautiful leaves!

/the back of my house- I get to view this every time I open my door

the other side of my driveway under the canopy of these old majestic trees.
 To be believed in by a fellow quilter- that means so much to me. I have had this very statement said to me a couple of times. It is so humbling to hear it. It touches my heart and my soul. I really would not be here doing what I am doing if it were not for the love and support of my family, friends and customers. What a wonderful thing it is when you have people believing in you and trusting you. One of the greatest gifts you can give someone. Love, To me, this is a form of Love. I do not have pictures to show of her quilt. She is a private person with her creations right now. I will honor that. Today, I am in a very warm and fuzzy place in my heart and soul. I am filled with gratitude and peace. I am thankful for the day and all that has been placed into my lap and my family's lap- Thank you Creator. I plan on going outside and enjoying the beauty of it. I would like to participate in an Elenore Burns seminar on the net, and I would like to load up another quilt on the long arm. Sounds like a perfect plan, sounds like a perfect day. Enjoy yourself' today, and on the words of Jamie Wallen- Be good to one another!