Saturday, November 12, 2016

Can you guess........?????

Ok---a bit of drama and suspense here- can not help myself. I am very happy with this latest purchase for my long arm. If you haven't guess by now-I will tell you. I was just blessed with the purchase of Quilters Creative Touch/ Quilt Motion! Yes--you read this correctly--- I am upgrading the longarm and adding to the service my business can offer to not only my customers but for my own personal quilts.This is very exciting. I will be able to download all sorts of patterns and designs. I will be able to continue my free motion quilting. I am looking forward to combining both types of quilting for the highest and best outcome. I feel like the possibilities are endless. I am slowing installing software on my lap top and on my new tablet I needed to buy for the program. I have to print off the manual and start looking into taking lessons from Babylock and of course---Creekside Quilting. There is much to learn, but I am ready to do it. I keep opening up the box and looking at all the pieces. I need to get my tool side out  and ready so I can attach all of this to the machine and the frame. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hopeful that this will go on easily and smoothly. The sooner I get this all attached, the sooner I can start playing around with it and learning. My plan is to buy some fabric and backing-throw it on the frame and start pushing buttons and experimenting. I am so amazed on how much Creator has blessed me with my Long Arm business. All within a month and a half, I have been able to purchase the extension table, the lights, and now the robotics. This is so wonderful and over whelming all at once. When I was first retired and thinking of  the things that I wanted to buy and upgrade with--I never imagined that I would receive these all within the first year. Wow oh wow--amazing! I mentioned this to a friend of mine and she said: " It is all coming together". And she is right. During the past couple of months, with the help of family and friends- I was able to make my brochure and new business cards and also--work long and hard to get my blog/website up and going. There has been much done and I know that it is not done yet---but that is OK. Bring it on---I am ready. Thank you Creator- I appreciate it all and I am so thankful.
My new upgrade/goodie for the LongArm. Quilters Creative Touch