Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sewing Fun at Creekside Quilting in Arcade

I have to admit---it has taken me some time to post these pictures. I was hoping to have been able to work on my table topper (from the newest Kim Diehl book ), finish it and then display it in all of it's glory. The truth of the matter is that I have been so busy, that this project has been on hold. As I was going through all of my pictures, I came across these and said---oh heck, let me post these now and then when I do work on my project- I will post those.  I know, I know-- the ole" WIP" line. I am guilty as charged.  I do plan on working on it some more- Scouts honor, I promise. Any way, I do want to say that this was a very fun day. I rode up with my friend Sandy. What a girl-she is so much fun, easy to talk to and we have so much in common. The drive to Creekside went by quickly. It was so cold and windy that day. There is a window near us in the shop and I kept looking up and watching the bushes swing back and forth. So glad we were indoors enjoying ourselves. There were only 3 of us students for the class, so we were able to spread out---I do love having elbow room. This is the first class that I took that Rochelle did since she joined Creekside. I am so glad she did. Doesn't she look happy in the picture?! I am sure I could have done this pattern on my own--but having Rochelle there with her humor and guidance--everything went by so much more smoothly and fun. Everyone one of us girls reached the same point by the end of the class--we each completed one tree---wow, that was a lot of piecing! Small piecing to be exact. I can't wait to see it completed.  Did you notice something in the pictures??...... Sandy and I brought out our vintage machines. I love it! Nothing like sewing with these sweet machines. She brought her Singer 221 with a really neat seam guide that matches her machine. I brought my green Singer 185J. I named this machine-- Joey ( G.I. Joe ), I bought this machine around the time my youngest started college. The color green reminds me of those toy army men that my Joey played with. So, in honor and thoughts of him--- It is so rightly named. I love to sew on it. Perfect size to bring to sewing dates with friends and classes. I have to admit though- looking across at Sandy sewing with her FW--- it made me think of mine. I need to get her out and play with her for a day.
Here is our Teacher for the class-Rochelle!Look at her smiling face-she is the Best! Look at the concentration going on with Sandy!

Just love this window with the pretty flowers. Look at the sewing space we had for our class

Sandy and I brought out our vintage babes to play with
Time for confession......... after class, Sandy and I did some shopping. Surprise- Surprise! In the book that this table topper directions are in- are a few other really cute patterns. We told Rochelle we wanted to make them. She is currently putting together a class for us on a snow man pillow. Well..... we had to get the supplies for that didn't we..???? Hahahaha.... Good excuse. I am looking forward to making that project. I love making pillows. Will show pictures of that when the class comes. For now, I need to start my day and work some more on those WIP's!