Monday, November 21, 2016

Fabric Coil Bowls

I just had to show a couple of pictures of one of my latest fabric coil bowls. I love these bowls. They are easy to make, fun to make and very versatile. These bowls allow you to exercise your creative flow. You can choose what ever color, design, or shape you desire. I have made them custom to sell, and I have made them as gifts for people. There are a few around my home being used in various ways. One of my favorite ones, is a little scrappy bowl that sits right next to my sewing machine. I love it! It is so cute and so tiny. I use it to hold little items such as: seam ripper, stiletto, bobbins, etc.... I have brought this little bowl with me to sew dates and retreats. It is a helper tool for me. The other fabric bowls around my home are used as decorations, to hold rolls for dinner, to hold extra decorations for holidays, bathroom supplies, makeup...... As you can see, I use these bowls for many things. This particular bowl is a gift for my son and daughter in law. They own a spa in California. It is a gift for them. Their spa is purple, silver and white. So- I made this bowl to order. I am not sure where or how they will use it. I have not seen their spa yet----. When I gift them the bowl, I hope to get a good feel of their color scheme and decor then. I may be making a wall quilt or two for them (hint-hint).
This is one of the latest bowls I have recently made. The colors are a deep purple, whit and grey.

I have a tab here on my site that has some of the various bowls that I have made. I really do enjoy making them. My guild had me teach a class last year. All of the ladies did so well- all of their bowls were different colors and unique. Also, just recently, at my retreat there were a small group of women that wanted me to show them how to make them. The supplies that I use are few and simple. I use all cotton clothes line, fabric glue,basting glue, wonder clip, denim needle, large pins, fabric of choice, a sewing machine that does a zig zag stitch, thread of choice and away I go. I pre cut my fabric into 3/4 inch wide strips. I think that width works the best. I use" ROXANNE" baste it glue, and" Aleene's  Fabric Fusion". With all of the trials and errors- I have settled with these products. It can take a good couple of hours to make a bowl. Some people have told me that they find it tedious. I do not. To me, it is is mindless sewing. I can just sit and sew, listen to the sound of my machine, be lost in my thoughts. Before you know it- you have a beautiful bowl at your disposal.
I love the way this bowl came together

The inside: nice and round and deep enough to use for many things.