Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Quilter's Creative Touch-Quilt motion

Is it Friday yet??? This feels like such a crazy week. I feel like I have had a full 5 days worth already. I think it is a great indication that I need to slow down and relax- sort of enjoy the process. I woke up with a feeling of great relief and that a weight has been taken off of my shoulders. I had not realized how much I have been worrying about the robotics for the longarm. By nature---computers and electronic devices and me do not get along. I have shaped a few strong cords in my relations with them recently--but it is an adventure to say the least. Yesterday, I was thinking that I would work on some of my WIP -you know, that stack of stuff in your sewing room that gets taller by the day,,,,,, at least mine is. I have been wanting to attach the robotics since I brought it home last Friday.  It is from the Grace Company and they are out in Utah. I am very pro America and I wish that much more "things" were made from beginning to end here in the USA. With that being said----I have had a few hiccups along the way of putting together and attaching my much desired robotics. After a series of phone calls back and forth from the company and addendum's of the instructions sent to me via email---I decided to sit down, spread out all the parts and pieces and get to putting this on. My husband is traveling for business right now-but with me being a stubborn Sicilian, I thought to myself "Oh I can do this by myself", ha--- how silly is that! I sat there for hours trying to figure everything out. Oh how I wished the directions and diagrams were accurate and easy to see. Parts were missing and  there were unidentified screws and bolts.  I was rescued at dinner time by a dear friend (Colleen) to come have dinner at her home. What a blessing and a relief to get away from what was happening in my studio. I wanted to stay and visit much longer but I was blessed with another friend (Bonnie) who was sending her husband over to help me with the robotics. I can not thank my friends enough!!! I am truly blessed. Well- Rob came over and he quickly jumped to the task of helping. Between the two of us---we finished a couple of hours later. He even helped me load it back up on the frame and return the poles in place.What a guy!!!!!! I sent my husband a text and told him of my happy success and then went directly to bed........ sleep came fast.  When I woke this morning I was anxious to get into the studio and fire this baby up and see that it was working----- and it did!!! I want to play with it today and see what I can learn. I am sure I have some fabric and batting laying around that I can load up and try. With fingers crossed--wish me luck---- I am jumping in feet first!!!!!
The view of the new tablet mounted on the head of the machine. This is the opening window of it.

A slightly larger view. I was hoping to be able to show the tracks on the table top that will control the movement but it all blends in together.