Sunday, November 13, 2016

Good Morning America!!!!!

Good morning America-----now that is a statement that is totally embedded into my head from Robin Williams. With the recent Presidential Elections and now our Veterans Holiday-my head is swimming with many thoughts: America, Patriotism,Voting, Veterans, families and friends, Women's rights. These are all big and important issues not only to me but many other people in the United States. It makes me go through memories in my mind of my parents years past, as they lived through the voting, country changes, wars, changes in family and friends. They, at times, were quiet about their thoughts and other times----they were very loud about it and you couldn't get out of the room fast enough! I have always been proud of my parents and of course my brothers while growing up---- but, I have to admit- the older I get the wiser I do become-I am absolutely PROUD of my family. I come from a line of very Patriotic people and totally pro USA. Most men in my family have served our country and served it well. The woman in my family are strong and confident and supported our country and troops in any way they could. I have a few pictures of my mother as a child celebrating Flag Day---she still loved that day until she passed. So........ with all that has been happening in our country lately and now the Veterans Holiday---I have been very..hmmm how do you say..."inward". I have always been one who is sensitive to not only my thoughts and emotions but to others around me. I pick up on the emotions that swirl around me very easily. Can you imagine what I have been feeling this past week.....? A lot!I love my Country, I am so blessed to be a citizen and to raise my children in this country. I am very happy that my daughter can be a strong confident free woman and be who she wants without all of that crazy restrictions that other countries impose upon women. In many countries, women can not vote, hold certain jobs, get an education, dress how they want, travel where they want, marry who they want, express their spiritual sides as they want.....the list goes on. As a woman in the USA--I am free, my mother was free and my daughter is free. So--- to all the Veterans out there, in my family and outside my family- I say a huge THANK YOU!!!! I feel your sacrifice, I see your pain and trauma, I know of your loneliness, all the sacrifices your families have to make....It does not go unnoticed. Because of you all- We are free as a Nation. So, With that all in mind- I do wake up proud and free and say to you all: Good Morning America!
My friend Ricky and Me at our Retreat-sitting at the bar in our PJ"s! Just what I wanted to do, and lift a toast up to my Mom

Ricky's husband served our country well, as did she in supporting him. Cheers to all of you. Because of you-we are free women to go to a Quilt Retreat and sit at a bar  with our PJ's on and  have fun and be silly. Thank you!!!!