Thursday, December 8, 2016

Meet Lovely Emma

Aaahhhhhh..... don't you just love dolls?!  I mean of course- homemade dolls. They are the absolute best. I have such a soft spot for them in my heart. I love these precious creations. My mother use to collect dolls-but they were not handmade. They were all store bought. I have never really cared for those types. I have made a few soft handmade ones for myself and as gifts. I have purchased a few from craft shows. Here is my latest purchase. Meet Emma!
My beautiful Emma
She was made by the loving crafty hands of a customer/friend of mine. Rebecca Davison-March. I have her listed as "Rebecca Quilter" in my phone, because this is how we first became acquainted. She is a fellow Quilter, full time mom of three and works outside of the house full time. It amazes me how women are so strong and talented that we can raise children, work full time and still create beautiful things. A couple of months ago, Rebecca showed me a picture of a group of dolls that she had made her little girls. I was like: OMG- I love them! She sells them on eBay. They are all hand crafted, made with vintage items and unique cashmere hair.They all are a bit different and unique. I had made the request for dark hair and to have a vintage/Victorian look. Looking at dolls like this, takes me back in time to a simpler life. I think of Victorian times, along with the Civil War era, I am as fascinated with the Victorian era, as I am the Civil War era---there is just something about that time that just grabs my attention and I can't get enough.

she is in a antique doll cradle
I just received her yesterday. I have a good dear friend-Margaret Logan, who has been graciously acting as a go between for Rebecca and I. Margaret has not only brought us together, but is bridging the miles between us and helping us to connect. Thank you Margaret!!! Well, as I was saying- I just got her and I was so thrilled when I looked in the bag and saw her. I immediately placed her in this antique doll cradle that I found a couple of years ago. She looks at home sitting there-doesn't she? The cradle sits next to one of my vintage Treadle Singer sewing machines. I keep them both in my living room. They great together. Looking at her inspires me to get back to making my own cloth dolls. I think this will be good to do right after the new year. Thank you Rebecca for my Emma!