Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas Past

Today is a day of going down memory lane. The weather is cold and snowy. I am not feeling ambitious to go out and about in it. Warm and fuzzy clothes with a good cup of coffee in my hand is a great way to be. With the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season on us, it is making me want to just slow down for a minute and savor the moment. My list is a mile long of all the things that need to be finished, the fun events that are scheduled, the wrapping and sending off of gifts, etc...... You know the deal. No one is free from this craziness. Days are going by very fast---truly, in just a blink of an eye a week has past! What is happening? The answer is - life. Life is happening. We are so busy with our lists, responsibilities, getting ready for the next day-that we whiz right through the day without thinking about it. I find myself thinking about the people in my life.

I remember a few years ago, that I heard from my daughter that her good friend,Rachel, was coming home from college for Christmas, but would be leaving soon to move to Florida. I was like: wow, how can this be? Is she old enough to do this? Is she ready to do this?? With these thoughts going through my head, I thought about what I could do to wish her well and send her on her way with love. So...... even though it was a week before Christmas day- I got busy on making her a quilt. I wanted to make something special for her. I wanted her to know that she is loved. I wanted her to know that I care and that I wish her the best on her new adventure. 

I decided on a pattern called " 3 Sisters". I choose this pattern not only because I liked it and it looked fun to make, but because it made me think of Rachel, her mom and her sister----three ladies, three sisters in spirit. I had already had the material in my stash. I even remember were I bought it from--Creekside Quilting in Arcade. I worked as fast as I could on cutting, piecing and then quilting it on the longarm. I had a fast approaching deadline. Rachel was coming over to say goodbye before she left. I cut it so close, that she was actually walking up to my door when I was sewing the last of the binding stitches!!!

I was so happy to see her! Many hugs and good wishes were given. She was so shocked when I presented the quilt to her. I could see the emotion of happiness and surprise all over her cute face. The time---that blasted thing called time-----it went by so fast. She no sooner came, then she was gone. Gone to travel her own road of life.
Beautiful smile on a beautiful girl

I love this picture
Flash forward to the present. I would like to say that I have seen Rachel many time since she left. The truth is, is that I have not seen her since that day a couple of Christmases ago. Time goes by, and here we are. I would love to say that she took her quilt with her and cuddled with it many nights when she was alone. I would love to say that the quilt has comforted her while she was away from her mom. That she felt all the love that was put into the making of it for her. No I can not. Sadly it has been folded up and stored at her mom's home in her old room.

I feel sad thinking about this quilt. Quilts are made to be used. Made to comfort and heal. Made from love and given in love. At least, that is how I view it. I miss Rachel. She is doing well. She is traveling the States and loving life. Good for her!!!! My only wish is that the quilt that is lonely and waiting for her - was with her and traveling around and gathering miles on it as well.