Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Ornaments

'Tis the season for sewing!!! I uncovered my embroidery machine yesterday and decided it was high time to load up a design and get stitchen"! I have not used my embroidery machine in a long time. I can't even remember the last time I embroidered something. What a shame! Shame on me! I have committed machine abuse...... something that I can not tolerate. Well, I changed that all yesterday when I uncovered it, put in the thread and bobbin, picked out a design and pressed start. What a lovely thing to watch.
I actually own a couple sewing embroidery machines. They are Vikings. I own a Diamond and a Designer Ruby. They are able to do amazing things. Let me rephrase that: they do amazing things when you use them. My machines came with pre loaded designs. I have also purchased Cd's with pretty designs and downloaded them from varies sites on the Internet. It is so exciting to buy a pattern, load it into my machine, put in choice of colored thread and press start----the machine starts moving. The needle goes up and down all around the hoop-before you know it, you have a beautiful design. I always sit there in amazement watching it. Hours can go by without me moving. I use to do all kinds of hand embroidery. Now that I am older and I own these wonderful machines, I don't do it anymore.
I wanted to do some fun sewing yesterday--I wanted to reward myself for all the hard work I have been doing with the customer quilt that is on the long arm. With Christmas coming fast- I decided to sew a few Christmas Ornaments. I choose the color red. I could use other colors, but red is one of my favorite colors. My CD offers many ornaments to choose from. That was the difficult part. It took me a long time to choose which ones I wanted.  Finally the choice was made. I put the stabilizer on the hoop that dissolves in water: Aqua Magic, connected it to the machine and away it went. I sat there with a cup of coffee in my hand with my eyes glued to the stitch out. I don't think I will ever get over watching it sew. It really is amazing. I really do love it.
Before too long, it was done. I took it from the machine. Cut the pieces out and placed them in a bowl of warm water. The Aqua Magic dissolved immediately. Fascinating! Took them out of the bowl and placed them on a towel to dry. I left them to dry in the studio during the night. I couldn't wait to see them this morning. They are dry and beautiful. I am going to put ribbon on them so that they can hang. I am so inspired by this----I think I will pick out some more ornaments and stitch them out. Oh happy happy!
The weather here is currently freezing and snowing---it looks a lot like Christmas. Fitting weather to stay in doors and love my machines and create some more goodness. Hope you all have a great day. I hope you all make something lovely today!
Here are the ornaments up on my computer. I have the 6D  Embroidery program on my computer. I love it. It helps to do many wonderful things with my embroidery designs.

It is all loaded onto my machine.  The hoop is in place and it is currently starting to stitch the first ornament.

It is so cool watching it stitch out and start to take shape. It is captivating to watch.

Here is the finished product! Aren't they lovely??!!! They are addicting to make---I see some more being made in my immediate future!