Thursday, January 19, 2017


   Ahhhhh..... it is so nice to be able to sit and blog this morning. I have to apologize for the lack of consistency with this blog. I am having some big time issues with my computer and being able to connect to the Internet and stay on. This has all been happening since my bank account and my computer were hacked into a month ago. Very frustrating to say the least. OK,enough of that- on the the good stuff!

   Well, the weather here has been very rainy and chilly. It has washed away all of the snow we had a few weeks back. I am not so much a snow lover, and I would rather it rain then snow. I especially would rather drive in rain then snow. That is what actually happened the other morning. I was signed up for a class at Creekside Quilting in Arcade. That is a very long drive for me. Most of it is all back roads through the country side. It is a very pretty drive when the weather is sunny and warm. I had prepared for the class the night before and even spoke to Rochelle ( our grand leader ) about the weather the next day. There were warnings of an ice storm that was to hit us. The only thing I could do was say my prayers and wait to see what the morning was. Thank you Creator, it was just a very rainy and gloomy looking day. I can handle that. My husband packed up the car for me and away I went.

    I love taking classes. I love learning new things and playing around with fabric and notions. I love sharing the time with like minded people. I love going to Creekside. I arrived an hour later and greeted by many smiley faces. All good! My spot was clear and waiting for me to set up. Some of the faces of the other ladies I knew--and the others are now familiar to me. That is another upside to going to class---you meet new people. I had to smile when I looked around at everyone's machines. We all brought a Viking Sewing machine to work on. They were all different models. Kinda cool.

   The class was from a project from Kim Diehl in her "Simple Christmas Tidings" book. I love this book. This is the second project that I have made from her. Love, love, love it! We made the "Button Blizzard Pillow". It is a pillow with an applique of a Snowman made from different wool pieces and surrounded by buttons acting as snow against a background of your choice. The picture is of black material-that is also what I choose to do. Let me tell you- this class was so much fun. I enjoyed myself so much. We broke for lunch and then continued on. The time flew. We talked, laughed, shared ideas and supplies and gave each other encouragement. It was awesome! To know me is to know that I love snowmen. Not the real ones---the crafty ones. I also love buttons! I have such a collection of them! This project was perfect for me. I was able to go through my assortment of buttons and just grab and use. Thank you Rochelle for showing my how my machine will sew on a button for me. It makes putting on buttons a breeze!
Here is our Fearless Leader to help with every step along the way- Thanks Rochelle!

This is Rochelle's pillow. She is showing it off during our lunch break.

Focused and hard at work

Everyone is working hard. We all learned new tricks. Look at these Viking machines hard at work!
The day really was such a treat for all of us. It was such a good feeling knowing that we were all going home with a finished project. And would you believe it----when we were all done, the sun decided to come out and grace us all.😎
Here they are!!!! Aren't they so darn adorable!!! Can you guess which one is mine? Mine is the only one with a bunch of buttons and red rick rack around the outside. I love how they are all different and unique.

I was so motivated after class that when I went home---I just had to make up this table runner from scraps. It was another convenient moment for me to use up more buttons.  I just love them!!!