Sunday, January 15, 2017

Quilting Pleasure

   Well Good Morning to all! It is off to a good start in my neck of the woods. I have not been able to blog for a few days because my computer has not been playing nice. I am not sure if it is still under the weather from the cyber attack a few weeks ago or if this is something new. Either way, it is working now so I am going to go for it.

   Even though I have not been able to connect with everyone on the net, I have been very busy here. I am down to one child still home-but will be going back to college today. We have all been plagued with some sort of virus/bacteria for weeks non stop. My youngest son has literally not been totally well since Thanksgiving. I think that at college and living in the dorms--it is just one big bacteria fest and everyone passes everything around to each other---and then---they bring it home to share with their families. Lovely, just lovely. Well---the good news is that Joseph is finally healed, and the rest of us are on our way. So-- me being totally busy??----- that is a Big Fat Yes! I have been playing Nurse to everyone. I have also been working hard on customer quilts. I was able to accomplish much with them and shipped them back to their anxiously waiting owners. I will be able to share pictures of these quilts now that they are back home.  
   One of the neat things on quilting other people's quilts is that I am able to see different patterns, colors, fabrics and sewing styles all different from my own. It is educational and fun for me at the same time. No two quilters are the same. I love that!💓 I love that everyone is different and their design concept is all their own. I feel very fortunate to be able to take some part in their creativity. It opens my eyes up to different possibilities. It makes the gears in my head turn to things that I want to try for myself in the future. When I receive quilt tops from my customers---I really take my time looking at them. I like to look at all the different fabric. I like to see how people put blocks together to make an all over quilt top. So far--none of my clients are the notorious " Quilt Police". That is a really good thing! Quilt Police squash creativity and love of sewing. They are not welcomed in my studio.

   I want to share this quilt that I recently finished for my customer who I call Quilter Rebecca. She is the lovely owner of the "White Modern "quilt that I shared earlier in my posts. I love her style. This top of hers I have had for a bit. One of the things that I love about Rebecca's quilting style is that she takes her time and puts thought into picking out her backing material. I wish I had a photo to show you of the back. For some unknown reason-I don't have that photo any longer. I love the unique fabric that she chooses. This block is kinda cool because it is made up of a plus sign and an X. One of those blocks that are two for the price of one sort of thing. She seems like such a free spirit to me. I love it!👍👍👍

Isn't this just so much eye candy?! I love the total scrappy look to it. I love the aqua boarder. Rebecca wanted  an edge to edge flower design. We decided on Khaki colored Glide thread. I decided not to use my robotics to stitch it out. This was done all free hand. I just love to do free motion quilting.

I love the texture in the quilt. I think that the Khaki colored thread went very well with it. It just seems to play nice with all of the fabric colors. It blends so well. It is my go to color of thread for many quilts.

Can you see the flower stitched out in the middle of the "X"?

The flower design really showed well on the aqua boarder. It made me smile as I was stitching it out.