Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Sewing Winter Wonderland!

   Wow- oh- wow!! Those were the first words out of mouth this morning. I had such a view waiting for me when I opened my door to let the dogs out. Behold--- A Winter Wonderland! I went to bed last night with the snow coming down yet again. I knew that it was snowing pretty hard at that time---but I did not expect this. I have to admit-it is very pretty. There is something mystical about a fresh snow covered landscape. Don't get me wrong--- I would much prefer a beautiful warm spring/summer day. But that is not the case. It is January and I live in upper western New York state. So for now, this is my scenery--it is my winter wonderland.

   I have been making plans these past couple of days to meet up with some friends that I have not visited with in a while. Life can get crazy busy for all of us, especially around the holidays. Now that all of the madness is over and we can get back to our normal lives, I want to see some of my favorite people that have been missing. I have some of the best people as my friends. They are all different, smart, intelligent, kind, powerful, loving, confident woman. They add so much to my life for just being themselves and being my friend. I guess you can easily say that they enrich my life. It feeds my soul on all levels when I am able to spend time with them. That is what I was hoping to do yesterday and the next couple of days. I just need mother nature to work with me on this. I had to cancel a lunch date yesterday--very disappointing. Now, after looking out the door and watching more snow fall, I am loosing hope of meeting up with anyone today. I live out in what my mother would call " the country". Houses are not close together, there are no street lights, I live on a road-not a street, there are no sidewalks. There are many farms around me, along with wooded private property. It is beautiful and peaceful. That being said, I also have to admit that as far as snow plows from the village coming through---it is very infrequent. So, that makes travel adventurous at times.

   I had hopes of driving out to Forestville and visiting with one of my dear friends- Margaret. In fact, she is the friend who has helped put this website together for me. I would not be here if it were not for her and her daughter's support. I was looking forward to talking, sharing, coffee, and laughing for a couple of hours with her. Well.......I think I will have to go with plan B for today and make plans another day with my friend. I have been working hard in my studio on my customers quilts. I have not returned them yet to their rightful owners, so I can not show any pictures yet. No worries----it will be soon that I can share them. With it being the weekend, I think that I will give myself permission to go have play time in my studio and sew some creative pretties for me. I have a few projects that I work on a little at a time. They have been pretty ignored lately, so it is time to dust them off and work on them. It makes me excited to think about a day of just play in the studio. I will play some good music, have coffee and fondle fabric all day. Time to get the crock pot out and fill it--this way, I will have a wonderful dinner cooking with no stress on my play day.

   I wonder.....what is everyone's plan "B" for today???
My poor fur baby -Bongi is trying to find his way through the snow. What remains of my garden is hidden under all of the whiteness

The backyard is so beautiful with all of the trees covered. 

OK---I am not looking forward to shoveling off the deck.